Monday, January 21, 2019

2nd International On-line Guqin Yaji

On Sunday 1/20/2019, 3 - 5:30 pm USA Eastern Time. We had another successful international on-line guqin yaji. Everyone's qin playing was very joyful and the talk and conversation were very interesting and mindful.

Thank you to all the participants. The next meeting will be around the later week of March (perhaps one of these days,16, 17, 23 or 24) and we might move 1 hour earlier if it is on Sunday and 2 hours earlier if it is on Saturday.

Yaji Content:

Qin playing -  (The first hour) 

Joe B-  Guī qù lái cí   歸去來辭 (Ah, homeward bound I go!)
Peiyou C -  Guǎnglíng sàn 廣陵散  (Song of Guang Ling)
Ralph K - Méihuā sān nòng 梅花三弄 (3 Variations on the Plum Blossom)
Sebastian P - Wén jūn cāo 文君操 ( Wenjun Melody)
Andre R - Shí shàngliú quán 石上流泉 (Spring Water Over Pebbles)
Victor V- Chūnxiǎo yín 春曉吟 (Spring Dawn Intonation)

Qin Talk - (10 minutes each presenter + 5 minutes Q&A to each presenter )

Andre - The visit of Taipei Qin Hall and Master Jung-ping Yuan.  
Sebastian - The hurdy-gurdy, an European string instrument developed since the 11th century.
Peiyou - A brief talk of her presentation which will be held at Yale ISM in 2/15/2019. (Visualizing Sound: A Lecture and Demonstration on the Notation System and Music of the Chinese Qin,) (due to limited time, Peiyou's talk was omitted, but shared two questions)
Joe -  "Playing the Guqin - A Tool for Self-Realization in Chinese Culture"

Some photos and video captured from Skype:

Joe was playing Gui Qu Lai Ci

Peiyou Played Guang Ling San (partial)

Ralph was playing Mei Hua San Nong

Sebastian, from Austria, played Wen Jun Cao (more info about WJC 
can be found in John Thompson's website)

A short clips of Andre and Victor's qin playing.
Victor and Andre both are from Brazil. Victor initially learned the guqin from Miss Wu Xiabai in Shanghai. 

Qin Talk-

Andre talked about his trip to Taiwan last December and the visit of Taipei Qin Hall, Master Jung-ping Yuan, Taipei Bai-yue music store (where he bought his new qin), and the Qin maker Mr. Lu Dan at Miaoli Taiwan. He also briefly talked about the concert at Taipei National Music Concert Hall where Master Yuan had his qin performance that Andre and his father in-law had attended. 

Sebastian introduced the Hurdy Gurdy and a power point presentation for the brief history of hurdy gurdy. Victor mentioned that there is a TV show Black Sails using hurdy gurdy in many of their music. If anyone is interested in hearing the sound of hurdy gurdy, this video, La Volta is a nice one to listen, suggested by Victor.

Due to running out of time, Peiyou decided to omit her talk and let Joe present his talk. Joe shared his thought of this paper "Music as a Tool for Self-Realization in Chinese Culture: Based on the Practice of Playing the Guqin" by Rafai Mazur.

Joe concluded that This paper illustrated the distinction of thought based knowledge and of sensual experiential understanding and how the experience of playing the guqin can help one maintain this experiential based understanding in life. For him this understanding brings a peaceful, calm clarity, which helps him in his daily activities.

The last two minutes before 5pm, Peiyou brought a question to everyone 
What is the role of a teacher? 

Andre had to leave, the rest of us then talked 20 more minutes and the yaji ended at 5:30pm.

Just want to mention that Ralph was wearing the Dragon and Qin T-shirt  designed by Peiyou Thank you Ralph for your support. :)