Sunday, October 06, 2019

The 5th International On-line Guqin Yaji

國際網上古琴雅集 第五回

Time (2 hours)
Sunday Oct 6th, 2019
12 noon (West coast time)
4pm (Brazilian time)
3pm (East coast time)
9pm (Austria time)

Qin Playing
Andre - Qin singing and playing of Parting At Yang Guan Gate -- postpone to next yaji
Ralph - Innocent Seagulls (O Lu Wang Ji)
Joe - Parting At Yiang Guan Gate (Yang Guan San Die)
Peiyou - Inspired By The Wise One (her new composition)
Sebastian - Seeking The Recluse (Zhao Yin)

Qin Talk (15-20 minutes each person)
Andre - Qin And Composition, he will demonstrate on the qin  -- postpone to next yaji
Joe - Qin, Tea ceremony and Yang Li-ping's Dancing
Peiyou - About Wúmén Qin School

Sebastian from Austria, 
Ralph from NJ, 
Peiyou from upstate NY, 
New friend, Esmeralda from Dublin, Ireland (Welcome)
Joe from Seattle 

Clips of the qin playing and talks

Joe talked about his trip to China this summer, including his, his wife's, his son's and daughter's learning of the guqin with Rachel who runs an Airbnb at Cheng-du in Si-chuan province with culture experiences of guqin learning, tea ceremony and dressing in traditional Chinese Han costume, and the dance show of Yang Li-ping that they saw. 

Joe also gave his impressions of the qin playing styles between Chuan 川派 and Wu 吳派. Since Rachel is from the Chuan area, Peiyou then following this concept of qin playing styles influenced by different areas, talked about Wúmén Qin School.

Peiyou played her newly composition.

Sebastian played Zhao Yin, Seeking The Recluse.

The meeting finished at 5:08pm east coast time.
The next on-line yaji will be either on Nov 10 or 17.