Monday, January 14, 2019

Up Coming On-line Guqin Yaji

The upcoming on-line Skype guqin yaji will be held at 
Sunday 1/20/2019
3 - 5pm USA Eastern Time. 

We will have two sections: 

Qin playing -  (The first hour) 

Joe B-  Guī qù lái cí   (Ah, homeward bound I go!)
Peiyou C -  Guǎnglíng sàn   (Song of Guang Ling)
Ralph K - Méihuā sān nòng (3 Variations on the Plum Blossom)
Sebastian P - Wén jūn cāo ( Wenjun Melody)
Andre R - Shí shàngliú quán (Spring Water Over Pebbles)
Victor V- Chūnxiǎo yín (Spring Dawn Intonation)

Qin Talk - (10 minutes each presenter + 5 minutes Q&A to each presenter )

Andre - The visit of Taipei Qin Hall and Master Jung-ping Yuan.  
Sebastian - The hurdy-gurdy, an European string instrument developed since the 11th century.
Peiyou - A brief talk of her presentation which will be held at Yale ISM in 2/15/2019. (Visualizing Sound: A Lecture and Demonstration on the Notation System and Music of the Chinese Qin,)
Joe -  "Playing the Guqin.....  A  Tool for Self-Realization in Chinese Culture"