Saturday, December 31, 2005

NYQS' Gathering at Jung-Ping's on Sep. 04 2005

Peter, Jung-ing, Rebecca and Stephen Dydo.

Jung Ping talks about how his antique qin was repaired.

Jung-ping's antique qin.

Jung-ping's Bing-qing 冰磬 antique qin that he bought to Taiwan to have someone fix the lacquar for him.

After the meeting, Bo and Peiyou discuss the letter from Beijing Prof. Zhen Ming-zhong.

Jung Ping shows the photos of his trip to China.

NYQS' Gathering at Peiyou's on 2004 Chinese New Year

On year 2004 Chinese New Year, NYQS had a gathering at Stephen and Peiyou's new home which they just moved in half year ago. Stephen and Peiyou like to find usable furniture on street that people throw out. Like the high stools were found by an out-of-business bar. The wood is still good. Just need to change the cushions and covered with new fabric which Peiyou did them and Stephen restained the wood to darker color to match the other furnitures.

The dining room was the qin playing and talking room.

Peiyou was playing Xiao Xian Shue Yun. The red Chinese Jacket is a gift from her boss.

Mrs.Flannery, Rembrandt and Marilyn.

Matthew and Dydo's musician friend who can play Pi-pa.

Susan and Stephen.

Elizabeth, Bun-ching and her husband.

Marilyn and Rembrandt.

Alan and Mingmei.

Marilyn and Peiyou.


Gu Ni-jing talks with John.

Stephen's Chinese jacket was a gift from peiyou's boss too.Bo wears a Japanese style Jacket.

Jung Ping shows the Yu Lan notation that he enlarged it.

Jung Ping was ready to talk about Yu Lan 幽蘭 that he studied.

Jung-Ping talks about Yu Lan.

John Thompson.

The electric qin made by Stephen Dydo.

Stephen plays his electric qin.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

NYQS' Gathering on Nov. 12, 2005

Stephen played a piece about Confucian, but I don't remember the name of the piece.

Stephen talked about society's business first before he plays.

John's notation book.

The second piece I played was Liang Xiao Yin.

I play Yi Gu Ren.

Mingmei played Pingsha Luoyan first then sang 2 songs along with qin playing.

Help Mingmei set up.

Mingmei decided to play my qin.

Let Mingmei decide which qin she wants to play.

Took out my qin.

I made the banana bread and cinnamon apple bread.

John Thompson.

Entrance to the living room.

Robecca is looking at Mingmei's children book.