Thursday, June 12, 2014

6.08.2014 qin yaji at Weehawken NJ

John talked and played Ming Dynasty qin melodies: 胡笳十八拍, 瀟湘水雲, 欸乃, 鶴鳴九皋, 列子御風, 陽關三疊

Ralph's wife took this group photo.

Long time so see Alan from Philadelphia. 

Peiyou played 列子御風 (from zi yuan tang qin pu 自遠堂琴譜)

Fan played 極樂引, before Fan was Jason palying 長門怨, sorry missing Jason's playing photo

Stephen played 憶故人

5.31.2014 Zhong Dao Tang qin with archery yaji

Yuni played Qiu Sai Yin 秋塞吟, and Shi Shang Liu Quan 石上流泉

Renjie played Innocent Seagulls 鷗鷺忘機

Ralph played Boating on Azure Waves, 泛滄浪, and the 2nd run, he played Yiang Guan San Die 陽關三疊

Mo Li from Ohio Kent State University, played Song of Autumn Wind 秋風辭, and the drunken one, 酒狂.

Professional photographer and Archery coach, Henry Chen and his wife.

 Peiyou played Liezi Rides the Wind. 列子御風. and the 2nd run, played Spring Water Flowing Over Pebbles 石上流泉

Renjie introduced his new qin xiao that he got from Taiwan several weeks ago from the top one xiao maker in Taiwan, Mr. Liao Jing Dong 廖錦棟先生