Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb 19, 2006 NYQS meets at Weehawken NJ

Official meeting.

Rembrandt talks about the Europe qin event.

Stephen prepares to play his electric qin. The sound of electric qin is like using fretless guitar to play qin music.

Peiyou transfer the treasure report to Matthew.

Jung Ping in the Ankasas campas newspaper. -- Seven-string fretless calligraphy.

Mingmei, Peiyou and Stephen.

Peiyou and Stephen.

Alen's Wangpeng qin with silk strings. It has faux duanwen.

Alen and John were talking about silk string qin.

John's Wangpengqin - Banana leaf, with silk strings.

Left - John's He Mingwei qin which has a microphone inside. Right - Stephen's Dianqin (electric qin).

Suzanne and deserts.