Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sep 2nd 2006 Qin Gathering

On Sep. 2 2006, 2pm, NYQS had a gathering. From left to right, Jung Ping, Rebecca Falnnery and Peter Reis.

Jung Ping in his Taoism costume. Behind him is his calligraphy, Sheng Zhi 聲之.

Peter, John and Carol Liu. Carol is a guest introduced by Peiyou. She is studying film in NYU.

Guests, Stephen Walker from Boston who just moved to NYC couple days ago. He is going to study at Columbia University for master degree in Chinese philosophy. Stephen was introduced by Carol. On the right is Eva from Shanghai. She is also an NYU student introduced by Jung Ping.

The "Studio for Seeking Solitude."

Jim Binkley, one of our guest from Portland.

This is one of the way to get rid of buzzing. John just put a piece of silk string between the qin board and strings at the bottom part closer to tail.

While John was trying to fix the buzzing sound of a string, Jim talked a little bit about himself. Jim made total 4 qins so far. 2 were done in 70's.

John talked about the 12 blue bars qin music that he will present at the October Beijing Guqin conference. Peiyou tried to take some notes for herself. Thanks for Carol took this photo for Peiyou.

Jung Ping was looking at the Yu Ku Chai Qin Pu 與古齋琴譜 and Jim was talking about the book.

Jim Binkley talked about Yu Ku Chai Qin Handbook which is the qin book he had translated in English. He briefly talked about 3 parts of making qin: Select wood, Wood working and lacquer working. Detail might be able to read later from John's notes.

Page about making holes in the Yue Mountaion 岳山 and the Chen Lu 承露 from Yu Ku Chai Qin Handbook.

Page about the 1st string's position of the tail, the shoulder and the Yue mountain of a qin from Yu Ku Chai Qin Handbook.

One of the page about Qin Construction in Yu Ku Chai Qin handbook.

Jim Binkley.

Jim Binkley played Qing Shang Yei Yu 青山夜雨(Blue Mountain Night Rain) in Qi Liang Diao 淒涼調.(Lower 2nd and 5th Strings) This piece is composed by Jim himself.

Stephen Walker and Stephen Dydo.

Peiyou Played Qiu Feng Ci with singing. This piece she just learned one day before the meeting. This is the first time she tried to play along with singing. (Since Peiyou took almost all the photos, so her playing has no photo taken)

Stephen Dydo Played Yu Lou Chun Xiao 玉樓春曉 and Qi Yian Hue 泣顏回.

Jung Ping Played Yang Guan 3 Die with singing. And then played Xio Xian Shue Yun.

Jung Ping Played Shi Shang Liu Quan 石上流泉 at the end of the meeting.

Stephen Walker played Shuang He Ting Quan 雙鶴聽泉(Two Cranes Listening Spring), Pin Sha Luo Yan 平沙落雁 and Fan Can Lang 泛滄浪. He learned Guqin from Shin-Yi Yang 楊信宜,(Miss Yang is a guqin and guzheng player from Taiwan. Her website, at Boston 3 years ago and teaching himself now. His playing is based on Mei An School 梅庵派. Stephen is going to study Columbia University master in Xian Qin Liang Han Si Xian Shi 先秦兩漢思想史.

Before Stephen's playing and while everybody still in the dining room, Renee and Peiyou were playing qin in the basement. Renee played 3 pieces, Mei Hua 3 Nong, Liang Xiao Yin and Pin Sha Luo Yan. Peiyou also played these 3 pieces to Renee. It was very nice that we two can discuss these 3 qin pieces together. Renee has been study qin with Jung Ping for 3 years and she is going to Taiwan to study at Nan Hua University this fall with Jung Ping.

The meeting ended at 9:30 pm.