Monday, January 08, 2007

NYQS meeting on Jan 6th 2007

January 6th 2007, the weather was extremely warm in this winter time. This meeting was generally discuss about the Feb 11 conference program plan. Sam had some Korean string instrument musics playing as background music. Very nice. Elaine prepared very delicious French food (sorry I don't know what is that "pizza or cheese cake look" dish call) and salad. Mingmei bought a delicious Zongzi. We eat and talked and discussed the program. Later John's sister and Suzanne came. John then played You Lan. Mingmei played 3 pcs, 1st was her composition of Dao Ke Dao (first chapter of Dao De Jin) with singing. The 2nd was also her composition of "Immortal of the Magpie Bridge" also with singing. The 3rd piece was Wu Ye Ti. Very impressive piece. Peiyou then play and sing two versions of Qiu Feng Ci. Lyrics and music piece can be seen at here. The meeting started from 4pm and ended around 8:30pm.