Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guqin Yaji in Manhattan, NYC on Jan 21st, 2012

迎接龍年古琴雅集 一月二十一日 星期六 曼哈頓 三寶禪修中心 (#61, 四大道與第九街口, 三樓) 7PM-9PM

guqin yaji at 3J ( ) 61 4th Ave/9 St. #3rd Floor. Saturday Jan 21st, 7pm-9pm.


John Thompson's Melodies of
Spring and Dragons, in honor of the festival and the year.

1. Longshuo Cao (Melody of the Dragon North, 1425)
2. Shuilong Yin (Water Dragon Intonation, 1579, 1589)
3. Yang Chun (Sunny Spring, 1549; early versions "also called Longmen
Taolang Yin: Dragon Gate Peach Wave Prelude)
4. Chun Si (Spring Thoughts, 1549)

Marilyn Wong:
Liang Xiaoyin (Song of the Pleasant Evening)
Meihua Sannong (Three Plum Blossom Variations)

Mingmei Yip:
Liushui (Flowing Waters)
Jiukuang (Drinking Spree)
Xiangjiang Yuan (Lament by the Xiang River) with singing.

Peiyou Chang:
Liu Shui (Flowing Waters)
Shishan Liuquan (Spring Water Flowing over Pebbles)

Shihhua Yeh:
Aoai with her student doing Taiji alongside (!)
2 other pieces TBA

Stephen Dydo:
Wu Yeti (Evening Call of the Raven)
Yi Guren (Remembering of an Old Friend)