Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sep 13, 2014 Master Yuan Returns Concert

Time: Saturday, September 13. 7:00 pm

Location: The Three Jewels NYC
61 4th Ave, 3rd Fl (Btw 9th & 10th), New York, New York 10003

Guqin master Yuan Jung-ping 袁中平 is the founding president of the New York Qin Society and is now head of the Chinese Guqin Association [中華古琴學會] and Taipei Qin Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. His visits to the US are now increasingly rare. Our special presentation of this great master is an unusual opportunity to hear the performance of an ancient music associated with Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

Suggested donation: $20


The Guqin concert at Three Jewels was really great. The room was packed with all the great audiences from everywhere, Washington DC, Philadelphia...

Master Yuan first using the wild geese calling each other in order to fly further as an example story to encourage everyone that team work can help us go even stronger and further. His two reconstruction of the qin songs from Jiang Kue , 鬲溪梅令, 長亭怨慢 were so touching.

Then listening his playing of the Xiao Xiang Shui Yun 瀟湘水雲 (Misty Clouds over Xiao and Xiang River) was like looking at a Chinese hand scroll mountain water painting 長軸山水畫. And encore with the playing of Spring water over stones 石上流泉, as showing a whole lifespan.

Ah! limited words cannot express more. It was also very nice to listen other qin friends playing... Stephen's Yi Gu Ren 憶故人, Mingmei's Wu Ye Ti 繁手淫聲之烏夜啼, JiaoYue and Jason both played Gue Qu Lai Ci 歸去來辭. My self, I played Liezi Yu Feng 列子御風. Guqin is really blooming in New York.

Master Yuan said that he was deciding in between playing Li Sao 離騷 or Xiao Xiang and said very humorous that since it is a public concert, better play safe.

Master Yuan also explained why playing qin, people like to lit incense 燃香,  it is as a ceremony to connect heaven and human, but not for performance. One has to go back to ancient Chinese history, in order to understand the act.

聽君一席琴, 勝讀十年書.

I profit more from one consultation with you and your qin playing than from my ten years of reading.