Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pay my highest respect to Prof. Peter Browne

致上最高敬意給 Peter Browne 教授
Pay my highest respect to Prof. Peter Browne

教授在2015年初就開始籌劃這場Chinese Music 音樂會. 五月初病危. 演奏會雖成功結束, 但留下無限愁悵給予我和葭葦以及經由教授介紹的木笛音樂師 Madame Barbara Kaufman 以及所有與會人員.
Professor started to organize this Chinese Music concert since Feb of 2015. In the beginning of May his health is dramatically declining . Last night, the eve of Mother's Day, the concert was successfully completed, however leave all of us unlimited despondency. Especially for me, Jiawei and Barbara. Peter introduced Barbara to me so we were able to play the beautiful qin and recorder duet pieces last night.

以下是節目單 (是按未裝訂前印刷版面排列)
This is the link to the program notes. (before binding together)

The cover was designated by Peter and was sketched by Jiawei.

我們的曲目都是很早以前就決定了, 但昨日才驚覺每首似乎都是為Peter而演而唱
葭葦的陽關三疊更是唱到最後聲淚俱下. 接著的我跟Barbara 是很努力的忍住悲傷完成"落梅."
We decided the Guqin performing pieces long time ago but just realized that they seemed all play and sing for Peter. Everyone was trying hard to hold our sorrow to perform, but Jiawei couldn't stop to sing The Parting at Yang Guan Gate in tears.

昨晚的演奏會大家都在沒有主領導人, Peter下完成自己的甚至不是自己的工作. (如我先生自動成了幕後聲控)
The concert last night was run without the major leader, Peter, but everyone still finished their duties and even my husband volunteer to help the sound control at the back stage.

與Peter 教授認識頗有相見恨晚之感慨, 他是一位思想新潁, 思緒慎密, 幽默, 有耐心, 非常有親和力的聖職音樂司, 去年十月與他相識. 因為葭葦是他的學生而讓他認識了古琴, 又我公公婆婆都是Peter 的朋友與教友, 因此也讓我與Peter 結緣. Peter 很欣賞古琴音樂, 特安排我跟葭葦在他任職的教堂演奏古琴. 今年五月母親節前夕的這場音樂會也是繼去年十月反應熱列後的再度安排. 以下我整理出從去年十月到今年五月教堂月報的資料有關Peter 所寫的關於兩次有古琴的音樂會的前前後後.
(照片來源 resource of photos)

I really feel that it is a brief encounter with Peter. Too short, too late to know Peter. He is a novelty and carefully thinker, humorous, patient, very affinity, a priesthood musician. I collected all his writing from the Trinity Memorial Church Times about the two concerts he organized that has the guqin music, from Oct 2014 to May 2015.

Peiyou, Peter, Jiawei

Jiawei, Peter, Peiyou

就在我寫完此篇的兩小時後, 教授離世. 請一路走好. 來世願再與教授結緣. 泣不成聲...
5/10/2015 near noon (2 hours after I post this), Peter left us. R.I.P. Peter Browne. I wish to know you again in another life... broke down in tears...


如果大家能看到Peter教授FB版上的留言, 以及這支由他世界各地的學生在他過逝的前一天大家用視屏做出的合唱, 並在他咽下最後一口氣之前送到了教授的面前讓他聽到. 便可瞭解到, 教授的一生可用鞠躬盡瘁, 死而後已來形容, 並可比擬中國千年聖人孔夫子. 他有教無類,受他正能量所影響的學生已遍及全世界.

Peter Browne 教授是一位聖職音樂司, 聖歌合唱團指揮, 音樂理論教授, 因他的認真, 友善, 待每一位學生如朋友般, 如子女般, 讓每一位與他接觸的的人都為他的親和力, 智慧, 領導力而感到他是一位不可多得的良師益友. 在悲傷過後, 我相信我會繼續帶著他的精神正向勇敢的過好每一天. 最重要的是要保持一顆童心, 永遠帶著"Having fun" 的心情過生活.

If every one can see Prof. Peter Browne's FB postings from many of his friends and students, and knowing how this video was made before the day he passed away, one can understand this wonderful human being, who can be compared to the Chinese Saint, Confucius.
Peter was a Choir Director/Organist, a music professor. He treated his students like friends and family members. His affinity, wisdom, leadership inspired so many. I will miss him forever and will carry on his spirits which taught me to live in a positive, brave life and most important having fun to do everything.