Monday, February 27, 2017

NYQS 02/26/2017 3pm Yaji

Mingmei played: Flowing Water 流水, Jiu Kuang 酒狂 and her own composition 無題, based on a dream she had for some fingerings and developed from that. 

Guest: Ying Yao, a student of Lingnan teacher Chen Shijiang. Yao is from Boston (originally from Guang Zho, China) played Tong Tin Lake Autumn Thought 洞庭秋思. 

Peiyou played Song of Southern Wind 南風暢 from Xi Lu Tang Qin Tong 西麓堂琴統
And her own newly composition 印雪

Guest, Fan Xiao played Moon Over Guan Mountain 關山月

Ralph played Departing from the Yang Guan Gate 陽關三疊

Misty Clouds over Xiao and Xiang River 瀟湘水雲from Sheng Qi Mi Pu 神奇秘譜

Guest, Bill Mak played Wild Geese Landing on a Sandy Bank 平沙落雁  
Kai Gu Yin 慨古引

Another two attendant
Quest: Bin Li
Member: Elaine Sheng

Many thanks to Suzanne's warm hospitality and the delicious food and good tea. Members and guests also contribute delicious food. The meeting ended around 6:30pm.