Sunday, March 26, 2017

3/25/2017 Vestal Spring Guqin Yaji

It's a first time ever guqin elegant gathering (yaji) 古琴雅集 in Vestal NY. An unforgettable, comfortable, warm one, that I want to thank all the participants who came to the yaji, to help, to perform, and to enjoy.

Thanks to Renjie Song who brought a multi media system, we were able to display slides and video relating to the performances. Renjie also brought a drum to use in one performance.

Thanks to Jiawei Mao who took all the yaji photos, we have a wonderful record of our event.

Thanks to the performers: Bin Li, Michael Bretty, Yuni Han, Hongmei Zhang, Renjie Song, Yves Seban, Yixhan Zhao, Ralph Knag, and Peiyou Chang who were all well prepared, we were able to keep to our performance schedule.

Thanks to the short film producer, Grant Peterson's beautiful videography.

Thanks to Yves introducing to us a number of different teas.

Yaji Program

古怨 Ancient Lament, composed by Song Dynasty Poet, Jiang Kui (c. 1155 – c. 1221)  -- (Qin solo) Bin Li

良宵引 Song of a Pleasant Night, Wuzhizhai Qinpu (1722), scored by Wang Di (1926-2005) --  (Qin solo) Michael Bretti

角招 Jue Shao (Melody in Jue), melody and lyrics by Jiang Kui, qin arranged by Peiyou - (Qin/ Vocal/ Bamboo flute) Peiyou Chang /Hongmei Zhang/ Renjie Song

陽春 Sunny Spring, from Wumen Qinpu, based on DaHuanGe Qinpu, 1673 -- (Qin Solo) Yuni Han

南風暢 Song of the Southern Wind, from Xilutang Qitong, 1549  -- (Qin solo) Peiyou Chang

Reflections on a drop of tea --A Short Film by Grant Peterson / Yves Seban / Peiyou Chang


梅花三弄 Three Variations on the Plum Blossom, from ChungCaoTang Qinpu,1744  --  (Qin solo) Yixuan Zhao

鷗鷺忘機 Innocent Seagull, from Wumen Qinpu, based on ZiYuanTang Qinpu,1802 -- (Qin solo) Ralph Knag

長亭怨慢 A man on discontentment at the Tall Pavilion, melody by Jiang Kui, Qin arranged by Jung-ping Yuan in early 2000's  -- (Qin/ Recite/ Singing) Peiyou / Yves

白雪 White Snow from Shengqi Mipu, 1425, scored by Mr. Chen Changlin (1932- ) -- (Qin Solo) Hongmei

古曲【寒江残雪】 又名 【春思】Ancient melody, Cold River Remaining Snow (also called Spring Thought) -- (Xiao solo) Renjie 

印雪 Marks on Snow, newly qin composition by Peiyou -- (Qin solo) Peiyou 

Free activities

陽關三疊 Departing at the Yang Guan Gate -- (Qin/ Singing) Peiyou/ Jiawei Mao

新詩朗讀 New Poetry Recitation by the composer, Jiawei Mao

五月 May -- Jiawei Mao share her newly composed Poetry of memory her beloved Prof. Peter Browne

彩鳳鳴 Colorful Phoenix Majestic Sound-- A poetry Jiawei wrote of her memory of visiting the Tang Dynasty qin, Colorful Phoenix Majestic Sound which is collecting at Zhejian Province Museum, China. 

Reflections on a drop of tea

Yaji slides

Yaji Photos

印雪 Marks on Snow 

Peiyou Chang