Sunday, March 24, 2019

3rd International On-line Guqin Yaji

Time: Sunday 3/24/2019
3pm USA Eastern time
8pm Austria time
2pm USA Chicago time
12 noon USA West coast time

Qin Playing -- order by music pieces' composing time from earlier to modern

Xiao Jie - Song of Golden Oriole (Huang Ying Yin 黃鶯吟) from late of Song to early Yuan Dynasty qin book "Shi Lin Guang Ji 事林廣記" (published around 1330 - 1333)

(Xiao Jie just started learning the guqin one and half month ago)

Ralph - Floating on the Canglang River (Fan Canglang 泛滄浪) from Shengqi Mipu 神奇秘譜 published in 1425

Joe -Spring Water Over Pebbles (Shi Shang Liu Quan 石上流泉) from Qin Xue Ru Men 琴學入門 published in 1864

Sebastian - Lament of Antiquity (Kaigu Yin 慨古引) from Yin Yin Qinpu  愔愔琴譜 (qin music played by Madame Tsai Deyun 蔡德允, 1905-2007)

Peiyou - Zhangzi Butterfly (莊子蝴蝶) 21st century modern composition by Mr. Shuishan Yu 于水山

This was recorded by Skype so there is a little instability of sound quality.
You can also listen to Peiyou's sound recording which was recorded on March 2, 2019.

Free Chat -- 10 minutes
We chat about silk string, since Sebastian switched metal/nylon string to silk string recently and he thinks silk string is softer and more comfortable to play on his qin.  Peiyou talked about what makes her to learn the modern composition Zhuangzi Butterfly composed by Mr. Yu.

Qin Talk - 20 minutes per presenter

Joe - History and Symbolic Nature of the Guqin (See the video below)

Peiyou- Stories of Qin Players of Ancient China Zhong Yi 鍾儀, Shi Kuang 師曠, and Shi Xiang 師襄

The yaji finished at 5:09 pm. Many thanks to everyone's participation and sharing interesting qin culture and Chinese music  related information.  We had another successful on-line guqin yaji. The next yaji (the 4th one) will be at the last Sunday of May or the first Sunday of June.