Sunday, August 14, 2022

2022 Students and Friends Yaji

I was very happy to bring my students and some friends together today.  Most of the students who participated in this yaji have been learning qin with me for less than three years, except for Andre and Ralph. The reason to organize this kind of yaji is to give us motivation to practice the music we like and to work on our performing skills. 

I enjoyed very much of today's yaji.

Time: August 14, 2022 3pm to 5:30 pm EDT

Location: Zoom meeting


1. Peiyou Chang - Qin Playing of Jiu Kuang 酒狂 Drunken Madness

2. Esmie Herrero - Recording of Qin Playing, Dong Ting Qiu Si 洞庭秋思 Autumn Thoughts at the Dong Ting Lake (due to traveling)

3. Daniel Juarez - presented recording of his World Instrumental music

4. Ralph Knag - Introduced Kora (A west African string instrument)

5. Andrea Lioy - Qin playing of Long Xiang Cao 龍翔操 Song of Soaring Dragon 

6. Garry Morales -  played nagauta style shamisen, which is the music of the Japanese kabuki theater. Garry will play a short excerpt from the kabuki play 小鍛冶 (Kokaji)--The Swordsmith. The excerpt is an aikata, which is an instrumental interlude in the middle of a piece. The play and interlude are about a famous swordsmith, Sanjo Munechika, who forges a sword for the emperor with the aid of the divine fox spirit named Inari. The shamisen is imitating the sounds of Munechika and Inari forging a sword.

7. Joao Olivera  - Qin Playing of Yu Qiao Wen Da 漁樵問答 Dialogue between a fisherman and a woodcutter

8. Guest, Sebastian Pfeifer -  harp music, "Brose and Butter" (Traditional Scottish) and "Alter Walzer" (A. Hauß/ G. Haag)

9. Dan Reid - Qin Playing of Ou Lu Wang Ji 鷗鷺忘機 Innocent Seagulls

10. Andre Ribeiro - Qin Playing of Baixue 白雪 White Snow

11. Guest, Yves Seban - Guitar Playing, Piece by François Couperin (1668 - 1733) (for luth, harpsichord or guitar)

12, Gabby Wen - Qin playing of Liang Xiao Yin 良宵引 (Song of a Pleasant Night)

13. Tracy Li - Qin playing of Mei Hua San Nong 梅花三弄 (3 Variations on the Plum Blossom) 

14, Peiyou - Qin playing of Shi Shang Liu Quan 石上流泉 (Spring Water Over Pebbles)

Links to Kora and ensemble music :

From Ralph Knag :

From  Ralph Knag : Sidiki Diabaté & Ensemble
From  Ralph Knag : Sona Jobarteh
From  hongmeizhang : Ralph's presentation reminds me a piece I listened recently, Pipa, Harp, and Kora.
From  eve shebang : Amazing duo kora and harp with Cathryn Finch and Seikou Keta: