Monday, November 18, 2019

The 6th International On-line Guqin Yaji

Sunday 11/17/2019
3pm USA eastern time
12 noon USA west coast time
5pm Brazilian time
9pm in Austria
8pm London and Ireland Time

Qin playing

Esmeralda -- Qiu Feng Ci 秋風辭 (Ode to The Autumn Wind)
Joe -- Yang Guan San Die 陽關三疊英文彈唱 (Parting at Yang Guan Gate)  with singing of English lyrics he arranged
Sebastian -- Zhao Yin 招隱(Seeking The Recluse)
Ralph -- Dong Ting Qiu Si 洞庭秋思 (Autumn Thoughts At Dong Ting Lake)
Andre -- Yang Guan San Die  陽關三疊中文彈唱 (Parting at Yang Guan Gate) with singing of Chinese lyrics (Left handed qin player) 左手琴人
Peiyou -- Lan Ke Xin 爛柯行 (A Journey of a Decayed Axe Handle)

Qin Talk

Peiyou -- Lan Ke Xin's Composer Yin Zhixian尹芝仙, and the vibratos. (My notes)
Andre -- Qin and composition with demonstration

Clips of everyone's qin playing

Andre's talk and Mr. Lioy's Comment

Thanks for everyone's participation, music sharing, and wonderful conversation.
The next on-line yaji will be in mid January 2020. Stay tuned.