Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stephen Walker played Shuang He Ting Quan 雙鶴聽泉(Two Cranes Listening Spring), Pin Sha Luo Yan 平沙落雁 and Fan Can Lang 泛滄浪. He learned Guqin from Shin-Yi Yang 楊信宜,(Miss Yang is a guqin and guzheng player from Taiwan. Her website, at Boston 3 years ago and teaching himself now. His playing is based on Mei An School 梅庵派. Stephen is going to study Columbia University master in Xian Qin Liang Han Si Xian Shi 先秦兩漢思想史.

Before Stephen's playing and while everybody still in the dining room, Renee and Peiyou were playing qin in the basement. Renee played 3 pieces, Mei Hua 3 Nong, Liang Xiao Yin and Pin Sha Luo Yan. Peiyou also played these 3 pieces to Renee. It was very nice that we two can discuss these 3 qin pieces together. Renee has been study qin with Jung Ping for 3 years and she is going to Taiwan to study at Nan Hua University this fall with Jung Ping.

The meeting ended at 9:30 pm.