Monday, January 18, 2016

Double 12, 2015 guqin yaji

December 12, 2015 I was invited to a nice guqin event in Edison NJ which was organized by the newly developed qin society NYGA (New York Guqin Association). This society is full of young energy and the most of the members are Master Liu Li's students. 

Thanks Hongmei sending me this photo, the picture on the wall is a very nice picture taken by hongmei's husband. According to Hongmei, it was actually taken in Yang Jia Ling(楊家嶺)of Yan An(延安)in northern Shaan Xi (陝西)province,it used to be the place where the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China seated during the war against Japan. The yao dong(窯洞)on the picture was home for one of the girls. Yang Jia ling, 楊家嶺,is also famous for cave hotels now.