Sunday, September 04, 2016

Master Yuan 2016 CDT Concert

September 3rd, 2016, Master Yuan Jung-ping's CDT 中道堂 guqin concert organized by Yuni was very nice. CDT has very good acoustic effect for the silk string qin. 5 music pieces: 秋塞吟, 憶故人, 瀟湘水雲, 鬲溪梅令, 離騷. I like Master Yuan's Lisao very much. After the concert, Renjie and Yuni and Hongmei were practicing the Chen Style Taichi 老架一路. Yuni's yard has all kinds of melon ready to harvest.

中道堂位於紐約上州一個山上, 堂內極適合彈絲絃古琴. 自然的琴音在堂內那是餘音繞樑. 中道堂距離紐約市要2個多小時車程. 昨日袁老師的古琴演奏會來聽琴的大都是從2-3小時車程遠的地方來的, 最遠是從華盛頓的Marilyn女士, 她一早五點多就動身. 聽好琴是不論遠近. 有緣人才能共襄盛舉.
袁老師的創作自姜夔的[鬲溪梅令]以及花費四年時間打譜自西麓堂琴統之20 段的[離騷]是會後大家討論的熱烈話題. 袁老師也對泛音與按音調絃的理論做了解釋. 但古琴這深厚的學問, 豈是兩個小時就能涵蓋一二的. 那是窮盡一個人一生的心血氣力, 彈者有心, 聽者必須更是要有一定的音樂程度方能感受到個中的玄妙. 
聽眾當中一位美國女士, 她自己吹長笛, 她先生與兒子都玩爵士音樂, 當她聽到來賓發問與袁老師的回答, 她很訝異所問與所答都是非常深入的問題.

CDT (Chung Dao Tang) is located in a mountain area at upstate NY. Its room is very suitable for playing the silk string guqin. Nature qin sound can be heard easily and lingering. CDT is about 2 hours driving distance from NYC. Most of the audience come to listen Master Yuan's qin concert yesterday at CDT were from 2-3 hours driving distance.  The farest was from Washington DC, she left her house  started from 5am.  Listen good guqin music, no matter how far, only those who are fortunate enough can sit together in a concert hall.

[Li Xi Mei Ling] from Song Dynasty poet Jiang Kui's lyrics and melody but qin composed by Master Yuan and the [Lisao] which Master Yuan spent 4 years deep study from XLTQT, total 20 sections, are the two pieces that was discussed the most at the Q & A after concert.  Master Yuan also explained the qin tuning theory of harmonics and pressing. Guqin has such deep knowledge and culture that there is never be able to talk fully in 2 hours. The player has to spent his or her whole life and energy to study and to be able to know deeper. Listener also need to have certain level of music knowledge to be able to understand the qin music. 

There is an American lady in the audience who plays western flute and her husband and son play Jazz music. She said that she was very impressed to hear the deep Q & A.