Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Participated The Southern Tier Chinese School Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Saturday 10/7/2017 6:30 pm Peiyou participated the Southern Tier Chinese School (STCS) Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebration event 南紐約中文學校中秋晚會, located at 哥白尼太空科學教育中心 Kopernik Observatory & Science Center, at the border of NY and Penn state, on a mountain.

STCS prepared drinks, pizza and handmade moon cakes for everyone.

This event was mainly for local Chinese parents and children to gather to celebrate one of the important Chinese traditional days, the mid-autumn full moon festival day. Program includes kids singing, Tibetan dance, kid's violin solo, and some professional performance, such as Beijing opera 拾玉鐲, traditional short play of martial arts repertoire  三岔口, and a bamboo flute solo, performed by artists from Binghamton SUNY Confucius Institute, and my guqin playing and poetry recitation, etc.

After the music program, there's moon observation through telescopes at the open field. I was pretty excited to see the full moon through a telescope, that was my first life time experience, very impressed. After seeing the moon, we followed mom and dad's car and drove down the mountain. When we get closer to BU, there was fire works going on, but not sure from where exactly, and for what event. Yet, it seemed drawing a nice ending for my first weekend of October.

中文學校校長孫明霞致詞 MingXia Sun, Principal, STCS


藏族舞蹈 次仁拉索 Tibetan dance performed by 邊陽洲 Yangzhou Bian

Children's singing of 靜夜思

Peiyou introduced a little bit the difference between the Guqin and the Guzheng, then performed Wild Geese Landing on a Sandy Shore 

Dizi solo: Morning, by Yuxiao Chen 笛子獨奏: 早晨, 演奏者:陳雨瀟 from CI.

Beijing opera traditional short play of martial arts repertoire  三岔口. 
Performed by 何子琛 Zichen He, and 王櫸 Ju Wang from CI.

Looking at the moon through a telescope.