Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mr. Yang talks about his study of Hikone scroll which is in Hikone Castle Museum Japan. According to DIAMM ( Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music), "The Hikone MS is the only scroll of Qin music predating the fourteenth century that has not suffered any modern accretions."

Hikone scroll 彥根卷本 does not have qin pieces but only writings of finger techniques. It contains three books:

北魏 陳仲儒的琴用指法 North Wei, Cheng Zhongru's Qin Yong Zhi Fa. (Qin finger techniques).

隋 和尚 馮智變 琴用手名法 Sue Dynasty, A monk Feng Zhibian's Qin Yong Shou Ming Fa.(Names of finger technique For Qin Playing).

唐 趙耶利 彈琴右手法 Tang Dynasty, Zhao Yeli's Tan Qin You Shou Fa. (Right hand Qin playing techniques).