Friday, November 09, 2012

Oct 27, 2012 Guqin yaji in Manhattan and the Visiting of Metropolitan Museum

This is the Qin Yaji that almost everyone played qin (except Yan Yan's teen age daughtor and Kong fu instructor Qiu). Yuni Han, Renjie Song, Peiyou Chang,  Sam Zhang, Yan Yan Zhu, Jennie Bai and Ralph Knag. Two and half hours qin yaji, then we head to Metropolitan Museum to see its Chinese garden and Chinese exhibition. Many thanks to Jennie organized this event. It was such a fruitful qin yaji and we are very gald to meet Yan and her daughter from Canada again.

Renjie Song plays O Lu Wang Ji 鷗鷺忘機

Jennie Bai plays Mei Hua San Nong, 梅花三弄

Yan Yan Zhu from Canada, plays Long Xiang Cao 龍翔操 and Liang Xiao Yin 良宵引

Ralph Knag plays Liang Xiao Yin 良宵引

Looking into the Chinese room in MET, there is this Ming dynasty Qin.

Without Renjie's pointing out, I will never pay attention to the detail of those wood door. one is Concave and the other is protruding so when they close, they really seal well. Renjie says: 关闭后无缝可窥,隐私。薄铁也不能伸进挑开门闩,防盗

Renjie told us a lot of things about traditional Chinese building. Such as outside the window there has a tall wall with opening on the top of the wall to suck out the air to naturally functioning as a ventilation system.

All the pillars are on plinth to avoid moister... according to Renjie.

Beautiful Lady Balustrade. 美人靠

Ming Dynasty Chinese building structure diagram.

When I saw this painting, I feel like to play Chun Xiao Yin 春曉吟.

From Yan Yan's camera: Yuni Han plays Yu Qiao Wen Da. 漁樵問答 on her own toboya silk string qin

Peiyou plays White Snow 白雪 on Yuni's silk string qin.

Sam Zhang plays Feng Lei Yin 風雷引

Walk crossing the central park.

Stretch out after seeing many Chinese arts in the museum.

Partial of the playing from this yaji.