Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dec 09 2012 Qin Yaji at Qiu's in upper east side of Manhattan

Yaji started with Taichi warm up (joints) lead by Sam.

Yuni played Shi Shang Liu Quan 石上流泉 on her tobaya silk string qin.

Renjie played Yi Gu Ren 憶故人 on his 練指力的夢溪琴.

Jason played Qiu Ye Chang 秋夜長 (also named Qiu Guei Yuan 秋閨怨) from Mei An Qin Pu 梅庵琴譜

Jennie played her recent self taught O Lu Wang Ji 鷗鷺忘機. After Jason's silk string 神人暢, Jennie also played 神人暢 on metal string.

Sam Played Pu An Zho 普庵咒. with a little Buddha in front of him. Qin table bought by Sam which is an assemblable qin table made in China. 

Peiyou and Renjie Played qin xiao duet of Luo Mei 落梅 (Falling Plum Blossom Petals) composed by Xie Jun Ren 謝俊仁 in Hong Kong on 1989. Linda read Li Yu's 李後主 poem of Qing Ping Yue 清平樂 before the music started.
Li Yu (937-978), was the monarch of the Southern Tang in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. He was originally from Pengcheng (today Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.) Li Yu wrote this poem called Qing Ping Yue: Long Parting Till Mid Spring. 

In this poem, he described that the plum blossom petals falling to his shoulder and even wipe out with hand, there are more falling petals; The spring grass are growing and growing while walking down further and further of the road; as the endless sorrow of the long parting and the missing of his relative.

Qiu read the poem, Luo Mei.

Peiyou played Yi Gu Ren 憶故人as well.

Luo Mei 3rd run for later arrived friends. 

Jennie's mom and dad came from China to visit NYC at this time, they bought us 甜酒釀 (traditional Chinese sweet wine with special rice and small rice balls in it) as desert.

Ralph and wife came later, after their long day they still decided to come.

Jennie's mom and Renjie were dancing Chinese folk dance 新疆舞 while Jennie's father was singing the Xinjiang province folk song 掀起了你的蓋頭來 

Jason tried out Yuni's silk string qin by playing Sheng Ren Chang 神人暢.

Sam play dizi, Jennie's mom dance.

The Taichi gang.