Tuesday, October 28, 2014

甲午年甲戍月庚午日(閏九月初三)雅集 Highland Park NJ Yaji

張隆延先生墨寶 Calligraphy of Dr. Leon Chang (1909-2009) (in 2000, NYQS invited Mr Leon to talk about Calligraphy, please see the link 兩千年紐約琴社曾邀請隆延先生演講書道, 詳細請見http://www.newyorkqin.org/journal/volume1/volume1no7p1.html)


NYQS official meeting discussed many important issues.

Marilyn is showing the big book of 香江琴緣 (The Legend of Silk and Wood, A Hong Kong Qin Story) from a qin exhibition in Hong Kong on January 5th 2014 that she had attend. There were many qin on very nice display that one can see every angle of each quqin and the book has also story about a qin maker 蔡昌壽, and how qin is made.


This link (in Cantonese) has some story about the Qin Maker Cai Chang-sho (http://youtu.be/WKIm3WMWC2g), for English please watch http://youtu.be/lTUatPT2imw

後半場琴會彈琴聽琴, 培幼Peiyou 先用戴德先生帶來的曾成偉先生斲制之琴, 上以龍人尼龍琴絃, 演奏神人暢Harmony Between Man and God on nylon string, 隨後用唐世璋先生帶來之唐健垣先生斲制之琴, 上以丸三絲絃, 演奏良宵引Song of a Pleasant Night on Marusan Hashimoto silk string.

Mr. John Thompson 唐世璋先生以其絲絃琴演奏採真游 Seeking the Truth, 與現存最早版本之漁樵問答 the earliest version of Dialog Between Fisherman and Woodcutter.

琴友Ruixin Zhao 演奏憶故人 Memory of an Old Friend on nylon string, 第二輪時用絲絃琴演奏了嶺南派漁樵問答 Ling Nan Style of Dialog Between Fisherman and Woodcutter on silk string.

Jason 先用了曾琴演奏春曉吟 Song of Spring Dawn on nylon string , 
第二輪時用絲絃琴演奏了歸去來辭 Home Coming on silk string.

Mr. Stephen Dydo 戴德先生使用曾琴演奏了泣顏回 Confucius Crying for The Death Of Yian-hui 及玉樓春曉  Jade Mansion Spring Dawn, both on nylon string, 第二輪時用絲絃琴演奏了梅花三弄Three Variations on the Plum Blossom on silk string.

Mrs. Marilyn Wang 王妙蓮用絲絃琴演奏了湘江怨 Lamenting over Xiang River 以及耕辛釣渭 Fishing at the Wei River After Hard Plough on silk string.

培幼最後用絲絃琴演奏列子御風 結束了此次豐富的文藝古琴雅集
Peiyou ending the elegant gathering by playing "Liezi Rides on the Wind" on silk string. 

部份影音: 列子御風(片斷) 與神人暢
partial recording of Peiyou's playing of Liezi Rides on the Wind and the whole piece of Harmony Between Man and God

Many thanks to the host Matthew and Jeanette for their warm and generous hospitality.

Highland Park NJ
4pm to 8pm