Saturday, October 04, 2014

教堂試琴音 Testing sound effect in church

Oct 19, 2014 Jiawei Mao and Peiyou Chang will join Prof. Peter Browne's church program at Trinity Memorial Church in Binghamton NY. This will be the first time ever in history that guqin music will play in this Episcopal church. Yesterday we had test the sound effect of the guqin in the church. We feel really honored and blessed. The sound effect of the guqin in the church was pretty good without mic, however at the real service day, it will have many audience. In order to have the last row audience to hear the subtle sound of the guqin, Prof. Browne decided to use two mics.

Prof. Peter Browne is the Trinity Memorial Church Musician and Professor in Binghamton University. He wrote very nice article and organizing the Chinese music into his church music program. (page 9 on