Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Meet Taiwan Qin friends 拜訪台灣琴人

2/13 Visit Taipei Qin Dao Hall and Master Yuan

2/14 Qin人節聽琴彈琴 with my sister Peiwen, qin maker friend, Nathan 簡, and his friends.

2/24 evening yaji with 明宜& 文苑 in Taichung Wenyuan's home. 

2/25 evening Wenyuan couple took us to Shinchu Shifang Zen Center, meet Master 陳國燈, and 茶人, 葉子小姐 at 新竹峨嵋十方禪林, also was very honored to be able to play the qin with Mrs. Wu's Taichi demonstration at the 禪修最後一天的同樂會event. Stephen learned to be a tea host.  

2/27 Qin playing at 中華古琴學會 and met many young qin players from Taiwan and Mainland. My friend Jing-yu came to listen our qin playing. My sister Peiwen also played at this event. 

2/28 Qin Yaji at Master Chen's 陳國燈 home. Had the honer to try out Master Chen's Ming dynasty qin and other two qin he collected, made by 唐健垣先生 and 陳國興先生. All of them are strung with MH silk strings. My sister Peiwen took me to Master Chen's home.