Wednesday, July 15, 2015

中道雅集 Guqin, Qigong, Taiji & Tea

Guqin, Qigong, Taiji & Tea
Hoster: Yuni Han
July 11, 2015

中道雅集 kicked off with Meditation led by Linda Yuxia Qiu.

Guqin Play by:
 (First Half)

 - Micaeal Johnson: 古琴吟(Guqin Yin on metal string )
 - Honmei Zhang: 洞庭秋思(Dong Ting Qiu Si - Zha Fuxi dapu); 歸去來辭 (Gue Qu Lai Ci)
 - Yuni Han:憶故人 (YiGuRen)
 - Peiyou Chang: 招隠 (Zhao Yin) w/singing

 (Second Half)
 - Ralph Knag: 洞庭秋思(Dong Ting Qiu Si -from Xi Lu Tang Qin Tong)
 - Marilyn Wong: 古琴吟(Guqin Yin ); 畊莘釣渭(Gen Xin Diao Wei)
 - Peiyou chang: 春曉吟(Chun Xiao Yin)
    - Micaeal Johnson: 古琴吟(Guqin Yin on silk string )

We had a special guest, Ting Luo, who is the owner of Green Teahouse ( from New Haven, CT. She brewed wonderful tea from her shop.

Then, we had Swimming Dragon Qigong exercise led by Linda Yuxia Qiu followed by Michael leading Yang 24.

Then, Henry Chang's Archery lesson

And Korean barbecue dinner! 

Guqin, Qigong, Taiji Tea and Archery all together is a very healthy life style. We are very lucky to experiencing it. 

Courtesy to Yuni Han, Michael Johnson and Stephen Bourne for the photos and video.

Peiyou's little study about Zhao Yin