Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The host of Ziteng Lu 紫藤盧, Mr. Zhou Yu 周渝 had an opening talk. Mr. Zhou said that silk string is the traditional and correct way to go. It should be propagate and Jung Ping is the best representative of promoting silk string qin. Mr. Zhou also mentioned that they are working hard to maintain this tea house as it is a historical building. They had been host so many art related activities, conference and classes in order to promote and keep the traditional Chinese culture and art. Ziteng Lu will be closed for 8 months starting at the beginning of 2007 for renovations. Therefore, this Guqin conference will be the last qin conference before the renovation.

Ziteng Lu 紫藤盧(Wistaria-House) official website: http://wistariahouse.com
Address : 1 XinSheng South Road, Section 3, Alley 16
Telephone: 02-23637375 02-23639459 Fax:02-23637234