Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The next half of the conference, Jung Ping played Pin Sha, Yu Ge, Yang Guan with singing and Yu Lan. Jung Ping's Yu Lan this time played different from the way we had heard in NYC. He gave more rests in between each part of the 4 paragraphs. After he finished his performance, some in the audience asked questions. One asked him if he used Qigong while playing qin. Jung Ping said as long as one has mind, the qi is exist. And the mind will guide the qi. 以意導氣. There is another audience asked about his singing style. He mentioned about that when a judge working on a case, they follow the evidence. Where the evidence goes, they go. And therefore when he is singing, where the lyrics goes, his mind follows. Jung Ping then sing the Hu Jia Shi Ba Pai 胡笳十八拍without playing qin. Many in the audience adored him.