Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oct 8th Qin testing at Yetang Tea house 冶堂壺茶試琴

On Oct 8th 2pm, several qin friends gathered at the Ye Tang Tea house in Yong Kang Street, Taipei. I was the first one to arrive and the host Mr. He was having Jung Ping's qin music playing as the background music. This gathering could happen because my blog friend, Bright, had just finished his first qin a couple months ago and I wanted to try it. So he arranged this meeting. All the people at this gathering were in Jung Ping's Guqin conference two days before.

The host of Ye Tang, Mr. He Jian 何建 is a very generous person who let us use his space without charging us any fee and even served us very good tea. I appreicated that. Mr. He has very good sense of tea and his place is not on a big street. Only people who know him will visit his store and buy his tea and tea pots...

The address of Ye Tang

冶堂 壺茶空間

台北市永康街三十一巷二十之二號一樓 02-33938988