Saturday, October 03, 2015

10/1/2015 琴家雅集

John tried out MH, Suxin, and Tobaya silk strings

John and Shuengit checking out the silk string.

Cap of Qin Master, belongs to the qin master John Thompson.

We ordered Chinese food in and Jiawei came over after class to join us.

Stephen took this photo. It was really an unusual gathering. Because of Shuengit's trip from Paris to NJ to Toronto, and thanks to John couple drove her up to Binghamton NY, we all can have this wonderful chance to gathered together. 

Jiawei plays Pin Shua Luo Yian 平沙落雁. 

We had very nice chat and qin playing. I played Xiao Xiang 瀟湘水雲 from Wumen Qinpu吳門琴譜 earlier, then we chat about silk strings. Later John played Xiao Xiang as well from SQMP神奇秘譜. John also played Taitsu Yi 太簇意 and sing and played Feng Qiu Huang 鳳求凰. Jiawei also sing and played Yang Guan 陽關三疊. She caught a cold but her voice sounded more attractive to me. 

The next morning, Stephen and I accompanied with John and Suzanne to the nature preserve park in Binghamton University, we jog about an hour and saw the beautiful fall colors starting coming into our neck of woods.