Saturday, October 03, 2015

8/30/2015 qin yaji to remember Alan Berkowitz

Alan's 王鵬倣斷紋琴 and 張建華琴. Both strung with silk stings. 

Alan's qin made by 李明忠, strung with metal strings. 

People who attend this gathering were:
Host: John and Suzanne
Peiyou and Stephen From Vestal NY
Hongmei from NJ
Lucie and James from NJ
Juni from Toronto

We (John, me and Juni) all played Zhao Yin 招隱 (Seeking a Lofty Recluse) to pay our respect and memory to Alan. Three of us play the same piece but with three different personalities. John later played 梅稍月, Ming dynasty 秋風辭, 神奇秘譜流水. Peiyou also played 流水, (管平湖版), Juni played 孔子讀易 on Alan's metal string LMZ qin. 

Meeting after, we all walked to the river side to enjoy the view of Manhattan and Hudson River.