Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 24, 2013 a guqin event to welcome John and Suzanne home from Singapore and Geng Wang's silk talk

One of John's qin has very old silk string and the 1st string almost smooth like nylon string.

丸三橋本silk string

陳高手說他的古琴是自學, 可看起來是有更高人指點過才是, 要不他真的是奇人, 天才. 其琴風氣韻彷彿一武功高強之深藏不露, 一點毫無緊張, 我在他之前彈, 彈完自己還緊張半天身體發抖, 聽他一曲瀟湘確讓我平靜了下來, 不抖了, 只有他的琴聲有這本事.Ace Cheng said that he taught himself guqin playing, however I think he must had advised by some other ace. Otherwise he is a true genius. His style of qin playing is like a master who has very good gong-fu and not showy, not nervous at all. I played before him, and I was still nervous after performed. When I heard his playing of Xiao Xiang, it calm me down totally, and so far only his qin playing has this magic power to calm me down in public, I have to say.

very good silk string from German for violin bought by Geng Wang. 

前些日子不才說什麼長江後浪推前浪, 年輕琴人輩出, 今秋感受特別強烈,卻有一種欣喜, 一點也不覺自己會死在沙灘上, 哈哈~ Did we just said the Chinese idem: "the river waves behind drive on those before? (so each new generation excels the last one)" I have such strong feeling now at this fall. Not that I feel I will die in front of the beach, but I am very happy to see those new waves showing up.

Pipa player Zhou-yi also tried Geng's new silk string 素心絲絃
Silk string pipa really bought me back to Tang Dynasty I feel.