Monday, November 25, 2013

Oct 16 and 17 2013, Sunwei came to the US and staying at Peiyou's

Sunwei bought 2 new qins (with silk strings) he made from Taiwan to the US to hand over to their owners. I also bought my new qin made by Sunwei from Taiwan to the US this time. We took him back home from JFK the same day we arrived from our Japan and Taipei trip. So there are 3 new qins (plus one bamboo qin, total 4 new qins) at my place at this moment. My new qin has the form of 綠綺, and I gave a name 靜心, the "meditation mind" to it. Because it is brand new, Sunwei stilll adding couple thin layers of raw lacquer with some sesame oil that I don't use for eating anymore onto the meditation mind to make the surface more smoother for playing. He also played several pieces on the meditation mind. It was very nice to listen his playing in my quiet home and I am very pleased by the very elegant sound of the guqin. Only in a quiet enough environment, one can enjoy the fullness of the beauty of silk string qin sound. That feeling is unforgettable. 
My 靜心琴 strung with 鳥羽屋, Japanese Tobaya silk string and sounds very satisfying. Love it.