Monday, November 25, 2013

Oct 21, 2013 NYQS guqin event in Manhattan

左邊為勞鎛教授做的仿古, 曾侯乙的十絃琴

Sunwei talked about his qin making life and played on his bamboo qin 行竹. This bamboo qin has a whole story that inspired the maker to name it 行竹, a travel bamboo. I like this bamboo qin very much. It was made from a floating piece of bamboo from the sea shore of Mazu island 馬祖島,  so had been endured the nature challenges. Now it is already very stable. Bamboo qin sound quality, my personal feeling is that it has Chinese southern land atmosphere.

I was carrying my two qins made by Sunwei, one has pillars 天地柱, one does not have pillars inside the qin belly. I want to show their sound quality differences. I personally like the one with pillars which is my 靜心琴, the meditation mind. It holds the sound more and not spread out widely and easily and I can hear more sound texture inside the qin, and it is not like a sound box that can create only loud sound but less flavor.