Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nov 27 2013, 四個女人的雅集 4 women's yaji

Jin is a new qin friend from Beijing visiting NY at this moment. Jun is from San Francisco visiting family in NY at this moment. I arranged this yaji for us to meet each other plus Hongmei who just lives next town of me. 4 women had really free and uplifted talk with qin playing. 
君從三藩市來紐約過感恩節, 瑾從北京來美國度假, 我就安排了大家來我家小聚
紅梅住的不遠, 吆喝一聲便來了, 四個女人在一起天馬行空

We talked from yi-jing to reincarnation to criminal law to chemical and to qin playing technique... There were 2 seconds black out while I was playing and singing Zhao Yin. Jun said every time she visit me, there is something surprising. Last time was a silk string break from no reason.  This time was a 2 seconds see nothing. Were these phenomenon mean anything? Yes, they do if we give them a meaning. Mine is that it's time for me to retreat myself. I have not seriously practicing my qin playing for a while and I need to work hard again now. :) 
我們從易經談到輪迴,談到犯罪法案,談到化學,談到彈琴. 就在我們彈琴時有兩秒的停電, 我正在彈唱招隱. 君說上次她來訪也遇特殊現象, 琴絃無故斷了, 這次電也無故斷了, 這現象是否再告訴我們什麼? 如果你覺得有就有, 我以為它在告訴我該閉閉關好好練琴了. 我很久沒有認真練琴了:)

Nice to meet you all. Jin's 泛滄浪 gave us very nice impression. It is her piece we feel.  
很高興四個女人聚會, 瑾的泛滄浪給我們映像深刻, 是屬於她的琴曲.